Tips for Winterizing Your Roof; Gutter Inspections & Low Pressure Roof Cleaning in Cypress TX

Winter is just around the corner and it’s time to consider getting your home ready for upcoming cold months. This includes preparing your roof which often gets overlooked.

Shine Windows Cleaners would like to offer a few tips and advice on winterizing your rooftop for the upcoming season.

Winterizing your roof contributes to a more smoothly running winter. A pre-emptive strike for dealing with minimal damage before it becomes catastrophic. Maintenance is always easier than replacement, especially in regards to home improvement projects. With that in mind, we will get to the nitty-gritty.

1. Gutter inspection. Gutters accumulate dirt, sticks, leaves and other debris. It is imperative to ensure the gutters are clean and will drain the rooftop water from a rainstorm fluidly and easily. Clogged gutters can add to water damage in landscaping, siding, and foundation and other structures to the home.
2. Downspouts survey. Just as the gutter collects the filth and debris, so can the downspouts. They need to be free of clogs for superior operation. Keeping them clean will avoid mold growth and eliminate premature rusting.
3. Attic insulation. Appropriate insulation promotes proper ventilation which keeps the warmth inside. Keeping the heat in will help prevent extreme formations of ice dams and icicles.
4. Exterior analysis. Flashing needs to be inspected for damage, even minimal damage. If other repairs had been made, ensure they are still adequate.
5. Tree trimming. Any branches and limbs need to be pruned that hang over your roof. In severe weather, these branches can crash into your home causing substantial damage and be a safety hazard.
6. Have a professional from Shine Window Cleaners conduct a Low pressure cleaning. A trained expert will use appropriate machine settings and top of the line chemical detergents to have your rooftop clean of mud, bacteria, bird droppings, and other debris that can dispense unwanted to damage to your rooftop.

Professional Roof Cleaning, Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing in West Houston, Cypress, Katy, Spring Valley Village & Piney Point Village Texas

In addition to having your rooftops cleaned, allow a experienced technician to attend to all your windows for crystal clear shine to show off your holiday displays. It can be difficult for many to climb ladders and to appropriately clean windows, roofs, and hang holiday lights among other service intended for homeowners. Others may not afford the time or simply don’t have the motivation to take on a daunting task. Hire a pro at Shine Window Cleaners to do it for you.

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