Tips on Cleaning Outdoor Post & Coach Lights in Katy, West Houston Texas

Cleaning the coach lights on the exterior of our homes need to be done at least twice a year. They are generally not remembered in cleaning ceremonies, so they tend to get extremely dingy. Being located outside, they face the elements, weather conditions, wild animal abuse and insect infestation. Cleaning them is a must to keep them aesthetically pleasing, and increase their lifespan.

Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting would like to offer a few tips and advice on cleaning your coach lights.

Cleaning your coach lights requires patience and a bit of time to clean properly and adequately. For your safety, be very cautious when handling liquid near the electrical work. You want to avoid water damage. Make sure the lights are turned off and the circuit breaker has been shut off as well.

What You Need to Clean your Coach Lights

– Ladder – if necessary.
– Hot water
– Metal polish- if desired.
– Glass cleaner
– Dish soap
– Rags
– 2 buckets
– Appropriate screwdriver

Cleaning your Coach Lights

– With the use of your ladder if necessary, disassemble the fixture. Where applicable, use your screwdriver. Remove globes, shields or grills. Next, remove the light bulbs and set all the pieces aside in a safe place.
– Fill the 2 buckets with hot water, and agitate your dish soap in each bucket.
– Place your pieces into the 1st bucket, minus the light bulb. Allow to soak 5 minutes or so.
– Using the second bucket, submerge your rags and allow it to soap up. Working carefully to not allow water into any open sockets, wipe down the parts and light fixtures until your are satisfied with the cleaning.
– Rinse all pieces well in clear water.
– Dry all the pieces thoroughly with a clean cloth, or allow to air dry completely.
– Apply your wax or polish to metal parts according to labels directions.
– For glass globes or shades, conduct an additional cleaning with your glass cleaner.
– Using a dampen cloth, and practicing caution and avoid moisture in electrical sockets, wipe down the light bulbs.
– Screw in your bulbs and re-assemble the fixtures accordingly.

Professional Coach Light Cleaning & Restoration Services in West Houston; Cypress, Katy, Spring Valley Village & Piney Point Village Texas

Cleaning coach lights can be extremely time consuming and requires patience and caution when cleaning around the electrical outlets. For those who have trouble climbing ladders, don’t have a steady handy for handling fragile glass, or are uneasy around electrical circuits, consider hiring a professional. For those with busy life styles, taking the time to clean your coach lights could prove challenging. No matter what may be hindering your coach light cleaning duties, call an expert from Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting to handle this task.

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