How to Clean Difficult to Reach Windows in Spring Valley Village, West Houston, TX; History of Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Systems

If you haven’t yet finished your spring cleaning list yet, the reason may be that the windows left on your list are far too difficult to reach and thoroughly clean. Windows that are located in high and difficult to reach areas often end up collecting the most dust and dirt, putting you in a situation…

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Window Washing Solutions in Katy, TX; Window Cleaning Tips & Tricks. Squeegees, Removing Streaks & Calling Professional Window Cleaners

One task that many people dread to start and usually never end up finishing is window washing. The time and effort that it takes to clean the windows around an entire home is extensive. It also takes a lot of time and the right tools and techniques to ensure the job is done correctly. The…

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New & Post Construction Window Cleaning Steps for Crystal Clear Windows in Cypress, TX

Clean windows will make your home brighter and improve the overall appearance. Some builders do their clients a favor and give them crystal-clear windows on completion of their home while others fall short. They may leave streaks and smudges behind from a poor attempt to clean them. Standard window glass must be treated with care…

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