Residential Window Cleaning

Your home is your most valuable investment and obviously very important to you. That makes it important to us too. At Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting, we go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction starting at the first phone call or point of contact. Our company primarily caters to those who appreciate high end quality.

When our residential window cleaning specialists show up at your doorstep at the time most convenient time for you, we will introduce ourselves and go over what services we will be performing. Before entering your residence, we will place booties over our footwear, lay rugs below window frames to protect your flooring, and place pads at the tops of our ladders to protect all wall surfaces. Our experienced residential window cleaning specialists will ensure each and every window is hand-scrubbed and squeegee dried to your satisfaction, and that all edges and frames are wiped clean in order to prevent streaking and spotting. When we have finished skillfully cleaning your windows, we will do a complete jobsite inspection to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your window cleaning as we guarantee all of our work. Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting do it the right way. Just call or request an estimate online, schedule your cleaning and enjoy!

Commercial Window Cleaning

No matter what type of business you have; it is important to you which means it is important to us. At Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting, we go above and beyond ensuring satisfaction starting at the first phone call. When our commercial window washing specialists show up at your business, we are mindful and courteous of your staff and clients. Our commercial window cleaning staff will work around your busy schedules and do all things necessary to avoid disruption of your work day. When you are in need of a service we will take care of you! We provide commercial window cleaning to all different types of commercial buildings ranging from store front window cleaning to large commercial window cleaning such as:

•restaurants / banks / small businesses / retail centers / storefronts
•retirement homes / apartment complexes
•hospitals / industrial / airports

For smaller sized buildings, each individual window is hand-scrubbed and squeegee dried. All edges and frames are towel dried to ensure no streaking or spotting. Now that’s professional window cleaning! For larger sized buildings, we use the same method but a lift may be necessary when safe. If a lift is not a safe option due to circumstances beyond our control such as limited concrete areas, new landscaping or the building is surrounded by sand dunes, we utilize our water-fed pole system that utilizes de-ionized water from reverse osmosis. Its filtration makes use of natural elements such as salt, resin beads, and carbon sediment, also making it an environmentally safe option.

Shine Window Cleaning Maintenance – “Shine Plans”

Some of our customers have their windows cleaned only once a year while others have them cleaned once per season. We offer customizable hassle-free maintenance plans that we refer to as Shine Plans. Our Shine Plans pre-schedule you for 1 year of services, locking down your preferred dates. Just call us or request a quote online. Our professional estimator will come to your home or business and estimate every service you will need for the year. You then schedule each service exactly when you want it and you are then all set up for the year. Our Sunburst Window Cleaning team will call you in advance to remind you of your cleaning date.

At Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting, we want to help you protect your home. Simply enter your contact information below to claim your $25 OFF coupon and a free window cleaning estimate! (Coupon cannot be combined with other offers).

New Construction Window Cleaning

Many well-known local builders and construction companies choose Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting for their new construction window cleaning because we consistently provide top level quality service. We work around your busy construction schedule and will be on time, every time. From start to finish, we are neat, clean, courteous, detailed, safe, experienced and we always consistently deliver impressive new construction window cleaning. We attribute a big part of our ability to consistently deliver world class service to our trusted patented systems. We have systems for everything we do, whether cleaning perimeter glass, interior transoms, French doors, cupboard glass and much more! We guarantee our work! At Sunburst Window Cleaning, we do it the right way.

Pressure Washing and Soft Washing Service

A pressure washer is an extremely useful tool, but if used incorrectly it can damage almost anything including the pressure washing operator! Not only do pressure washing machines cost a lot of money but you must be experienced in using them and applying the right types of cleaners and pressure for the various types of surfaces you are cleaning. At Sunburst Window Cleaning, our team has many years of experience in pressure washing siding and other surfaces such as Vinyl, Aluminum, Stucco, Wood, Brick, Cedar Shake, Wood decking, Composite Decking, Cement, Garage Floors, Driveways and Awnings.

Gutter Cleaning

Now is the time to call Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting to clean your gutters! Clogged gutters not only cause water to overflow the gutters which damages fascia and soffit boards, erodes landscape and cause roof leaks but they can also create a breeding ground for pests.
When Sunburst Window Cleaning arrives to do your gutter cleaning, we will greet you at the door. We will introduce ourselves and go over the work that is going to be provided. It is important to us that we leave your home better than it was when we started.

Following is our detailed gutter cleaning process:
•Completely empty your eave troughs of leaves and other debris.
•Place all debris into bags which we take with us and properly dispose of.
•If needed, we will flush your gutters to ensure they are flowing properly.
•When we leave, your gutters will be clear from debris and functioning properly again.

At Sunburst Window Cleaning, our gutter cleaning is guaranteed because we do it the right way – every time!
At Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting, we want to help you protect your home. Simply enter your contact information below to claim your $25 OFF coupon for thorough gutter cleaning and our estimator will be in touch with you soon! (Coupon cannot be combined with other offers).

Specialty Services

Screen Cleaning

Screens collect dust, dirt, and debris over the seasons. After you hire Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting to clean your windows, you will see how dirty your screens are. But not to worry – we can clean those too! Our clients typically have their screens professionally cleaned at least once a year or during their window cleanings. We clean both sides of the screen as well as the frame.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Do you clean your house on a regular basis? When was the last time your ceiling fans were cleaned? Ceiling fans often get overlooked in a daily cleaning as they are often out of direct sight. They can also be dangerous to clean and for some near impossible as you often must move heavy furniture, be comfortable on a ladder and the right equipment. While we are cleaning your windows, allow us to clean your ceiling fans well. Just think of all the dust piling up on those fan blades that you and your family are breathing in every day!

Mirror Cleaning

Mirror cleaning is another great service Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting offers. As we have all the right products and tools as well as the knowledge and experience in cleaning mirrors, it only takes a few minutes for us to make it look like you just unpackaged a brand new mirror!

Chandelier Cleaning

Chandelier cleaning is not as easy as it looks. There are many fine details, cracks, and crevasses that can be difficult to access and clean. Chandeliers like many other household items regularly collect dust and are quite noticeable when the light is turned on. The once focal point of an entry is now an embarrassing eyesore. Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting can help you out with our professional chandelier cleaning service. We have the ladders, cleaners, and training to make your chandelier look fresh and new!

Coach Light Cleaning

Coach light cleaning isn’t really difficult but it is extremely time consuming to clean each individual coach light by hand. Fortunately, there is a solution; put the Sunburst Window Cleaning team to work for you. We love cleaning coach lights!

Roof Cleaning

What are all those black streaks on your roof? The most common cause of the black streaks and stains on your roof are a harmful bacteria called Gleocapsa Magma. Other destructive and unwanted life forms on your roof include harmful Moss, Lichens, Algae, Mold, Mildew and Bacteria.

When any of the above are present on your roof they are destroying:
•the functionality of your roof
•the life expectancy of your roof
•the curb appeal of your home or building.

Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting can easily remove the stains on your roof and destroy the harmful organisms that are damaging your property. Our roof stain removal uses a low pressure chemical treatment to restore your roof to its original grandeur. Request a FREE Estimate to have us remove your ugly black roof streaks!

Christmas, Holiday, Wedding and Special Event Lighting Installation

We specialize in exterior and interior lighting as well as Christmas and holiday decorating services for commercial properties and residential homes. Let our team of experienced, professional decorators install, maintain and take down your lights at your next holiday or special event.

Over the past few years Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting has received thousands of requests to install wedding and special event lighting. We provide the professional wedding or other event lights, we install them and we take them down! All you need to do is let us know what you would like to have done!

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