How to Clean Difficult to Reach Windows in Spring Valley Village, West Houston, TX; History of Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Systems

If you haven’t yet finished your spring cleaning list yet, the reason may be that the windows left on your list are far too difficult to reach and thoroughly clean. Windows that are located in high and difficult to reach areas often end up collecting the most dust and dirt, putting you in a situation that can be frustrating. Many homeowners take the extreme approach and brave a steep ladder climb to attempt to clean the window themselves. This often ends up in some type of physical injury and embarrassment. Do not put yourself in danger by climbing a ladder to an unsafe area. Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting have the perfect tool to clean those difficult to reach windows that are around your home or business!

Irv Tucker Invented the First Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System

In 1955 an inventor by the name of Irv Tucker invented the very first water fed pole to clean windows that were tough to reach and clean. Mr. Tucker sold a kit that included a 3’ to 6’ foot pole that was marketed for the use of car and house window cleaning. In the 1960s the Tucker Pole was sold through direct mail and being used by hospitals, colleges and businesses all over the world. The ability to clean high and difficult to reach windows made dangerous jobs now very easy and safe. Window washer were no longer forced to put themselves in the way of danger and physical harm, the Tucker pole made it possible to clean windows while standing with two feet on the ground.

The Tucker Pole Needed Improvement to Produce Efficient Window Cleaning

While the Tucker pole made vast improvements in terms of window cleaning safety, the quality of the window cleaning was still not as efficient as up close and personal window cleaning. There needed to be some improvements in order for the Tucker pole to produce the same results as traditional window cleaning. In 1993 at the International Window Cleaning Association’s annual convention and man named Craig Mawlam met with Irv Tucker to discuss the problems with the existing Tucker pole and how they could be improved. After discussing the issues over, Mawlam created a water fed pole that included a water purifying system to improve the cleanliness of the windows. The water fed pole has since become extremely popular, especially in areas where hard water is a big problem.

Water Fed Poles Use Reverse Osmosis to Assist in Purifying the Water that is Cleaning your Windows

When you clean your windows with unfiltered or unpurified water, minerals and chemicals can leave streaks on your glass. The water fed pole system includes a water purifying system. Reverse Osmosis systems within the pole consist of a series of filters that removes sediment and other impurities. After reverse osmosis, the water also goes through deionization; an extra filter is filled with a special resin that will remove any impurities left in the water. This results in a completely clean and streak free window.

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