Tips for Installing Christmas, Holiday & Special Event Outdoor Lighting in Spring Valley Village, West Houston TX

The holidays always bring so much joy and excitement to the home. Many go all out for the holiday season and festively decorating the exterior of your homes is just as important as the inside. There is much to consider when decorating the outside. Do we limit the lights to the roof ledges or do we hit every window and every inch of the roof? Do we light up every tree or just a few? How many oversized snow globes or Santa sleighs do we clutter up the yard with this year? Then those who quite brilliantly sync music to flashing lights; is that something we can handle? The possibilities are endless. Depending on time contribution, lights and decoration investments, helps us decide on where to begin. Hanging holiday lights can be a daunting task. The important thing is to remember safety! Climbing ladders and playing with electricity can be a dangerous adventure.

Preparing & Installing Christmas, Holiday & Special Event Lighting

hire a professional to be sure everything is properly installed. If extension cords are being used, make sure they are rated for outside use. Keep connections above ground, snow and water. Avoid the high foot traffic areas. Use well measured cords, too much access could allow for tangled messes. If cords are laid across walkways, keep them taped down. Be sure to use water proof lighting. There are plenty of lights to choose from, investing in water-proof or water-resisting lights are a smart choice and inspecting the tab for underwrites lab (UL) means they meet the standards of the American National Standards Institute. Never use indoor lights for the exterior. It is always best to preplan where the lights and decorations are going to be placed. Having this in order will help result in more efficient time use and eliminate unnecessary safety hazards.

Christmas / Holiday / Special Event Light Hanging, Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing & Other Specialty Services in West Houston, Cypress, Katy, Spring Valley Village & Piney Point Village Texas

Hanging Christmas and holiday lights is time consuming and can be dangerous. Hiring a professional to hang and remove lights might just be the perfect service for you. Sunburst Window Cleaning & Holiday Lighting can expertly hang your lights and decorations among our many services. Having freshly clean windows done by an experienced specialist will also enhance your display!.

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