Lighting your Spring Event in Cypress TX; Suspended Lights, Wrapped Columns or Trees, Canopy of Lights, Illumination, Color & More!

Spring time holds an abundance of activities. Spring cleaning, sporting events, parties and often weddings or formal gatherings are just some of the spring time fun. No matter what, the Texas spring is a perfect time to have the wedding or party outside to enjoy the fresh air, spring blooms and good company. Much of what contributes to the elegance and mood is the lighting. Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting can not only pimp up your house for Christmas, but our experts can design the perfect lighting effects for your outdoor event to add just the right touch.

Sunburst Window Cleaning & Holiday Lighting share some ideas on how we can light up your outdoor wedding or party.

1. Subtle suspending lights. To add a touch of additional ambience to your wedding or party, have a just a few suspending lights hanging from floral arrangements, or uniformed decorations.
2. Enhance columns or trees. Wrapping some soft lighting around columns or trees can help add comfort and elegance with just the right bit of radiance.
3. Canopy of lights. If it is possible, adding a canopy of faux starry lights can keep the late night evening enchanting, but still well lit for dancing, conversation and photography.
4. Illumination. Put the spotlight on the intriguing wedding or cake, or even centerpieces to lighten the party area. Put additional focus on key elements.
5. Add color. White lighting is beautiful, but consider adding some additional hints of color throughout the lighting arrangements. Maybe splash in the wedding colors, or subtle blues and greens to offset the white lights a touch. Just because it isn’t Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t utilize the charismatic color schemes.
6. Create faux daylight. Just because you take advantage of the romantic evening temperatures, doesn’t mean that you can’t let the sun in. Go with extravagant lights to give the illusion of daylight hours, or even create a lasting sunset.
7. Lanterns. Paper lanterns and other such lighting features can enhance the stringing light motif you go with.
8. Wall of lights. Hanging a wall of lights to the backdrop of the alter area, feasting grounds or other places can help light up the right places for guests can get the right view.
9. Icicle lights. Icicle lights can play up banisters, decks, or other areas with the dramatic effects of the low lights.
10. Rope lighting. With the more durable rope lighting, the stream of lights flow in a tube casing that can be used virtually anywhere to offer framed lighting, or other effects.

Holiday & Event Lighting in West Houston, Cypress, Katy, Spring Valley Village & Piney Point Village Texas

There are thousands of other examples of lighting that can really play up the dynamics of your outdoor wedding or party. For more ideas contact Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting, and our designing experts can consult with you on the most ideal lighting for your event. Along with expert lighting services, we also have experienced professionals ready to clean your windows for crystal clear beauty, that will help the lighting reflections dazzle the guests and contribute to the overall beauty and glamour of your big event. Call us today to get started on the details!

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