How to Wrap a Tree in Outdoor Christmas Holiday Lights in Harris County TX

Trees have a special lure about them. Even as children, we are curious and intrigued with them. Climbing up as far as we dare, enjoying a picnic beneath them or simply hanging a tire swing gave us so much joy. But during Christmas time, it is just simply elegant when they are adorned with lights. Lights enhance a trees natural beauty, and nowadays, trees can be vastly decorated with lights all year long.

Sunburst Window Cleaning & Holiday Lighting would like to offer you some tips on tree wrapping and lighting to contribute to your landscape’s holiday decor.

Tree Trunk Wrap. The most simple and basic tree wrapping is lighting up just the trunk. Starting from the ground up, the trunk is strategically wrapped up to where the limbs branch out.
The Branch Wrap. Instead of lighting up the trunk, the branches are wrapped in lights. A very compelling and creative style, especially when your tree has several branches to enhance.
The Full Tree Wrap. A fun way to get attention, a full wrap is lights covering the trunk and several of the primary branches. Dazzling the tree in a solid color or integrating other colors to give a unique design.
The Extensive Full Wrap. A truly exciting way to light up your landscaping. An extensive wrap includes consuming the bark, primary branches and many secondary branches. Glimmering the tree in festive lights to get your yard glowing.
Two Tone Tree Wrap. Utilizing widely spaced C7 lights a create a tree wrapping arrangement to compliment your decor.
Palm Tree Lighting. Palm trees lit up from the trunk to the fronds can add flair or accent any Christmas lighting scheme.
Sphere Tree Lighting. Combining a tree wrap with sphere lighting, or exclusive lighting sphere could be more fitting for your personality. Decorative lighting spheres are hung within the tree branches to emulate a soft, but enchanting lighting.
Tree Snowfall Tubes. Like the lighting spheres, the snowfall tubes are diligently hung in the tall branches of trees, but could appeal more to your tastes. Creating a magical snowfall, these snowfall tubes can play up your holiday lighting and decor.
LED Tree Wall Wash. These LED color-changing lights are meticulously placed to display a delicate ballet of colors washing through your trees. These beauties are mesmerizing.
Bliss Tree Lighting. Incorporating a safe, refracted laser beam to your wall wash will add sparkle and glitter to your trees, creating a fairy-tale lighting show in your own yard.

Christmas Holiday Tree Wrapping & Lighting in West Houston, Cypress, Katy, Spring Valley Village & Piney Point Village Texas

Tree wrapping and lighting is the perfect way to bring a traditional Christmas lighting and decor arrangement into a more creative and unique grace and magnificence to your display. We hope this gave you some encouraging ideas to play up your holiday activities. If you desire tree wrapping and lighting but don’t have the time or patience, lack the physical ability or know how, or simply don’t have the desire to do the intricate work yourself, hire Sunburst Window Cleaning & Holiday Lighting. We have trained professionals that can do this job efficiently. Call for an appointment today!

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