Holiday & Christmas Outdoor Lighting Decorations in Cypress TX; Hanging Light Display Ideas

It’s easy to fall into the same pattern year after year and drag out the same old Christmas decorations so this year why not true something new?

The expert light installation technicians at Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting specialize in Christmas and holiday decorating services and recommend the following Christmas lighting and décor design tips to help you make your home the best on the block.

Buy the right type of outdoor Christmas lights – String lights have come a long way in recent years, and one of the more popular choices is LED lights, although they a little more expensive than incandescent lights they are designed to last longer and shine brighter!
Find the right size Christmas lights – Jot down a rough schematic of your holiday design and factor in where you are planning to string your lights. Larger bulbs are a much better match for big bushy trees and scrubs as opposed to strands of mini-lights, which can get lost among the branches.
Choose the right color holiday lights – Think about what mood you want to convey with your outdoor lighting. Clear lights are classic, while colored lights add a touch of whimsical fun.
Conceal your Christmas light & extension cords – Don’t forget to co-ordinate your cord colors when selecting your holiday lighting. Use green for evergreen bushes, garlands and wreaths; brown for grapevine accents and white for your home’s gutters. This general rule of thumb also applies to extension cords. Safety tip: Purchase string lights and extension cords rated specifically for outdoor use.
Inspect your outside holiday light strands – Before stringing your lights on trees and bushes, check for broken bulbs and frayed cords. Spread the strands out on the floor and plug them in to check for any burned-out lights. Safety tip: Since outside lights are exposed to water, it’s a good safety precaution to wrap electrical tape around the connections when you are using two or more strands.
Use a good quality sturdy ladder when hanging holiday lights – Be sure to use a strong ladder that is in good working order to help you hang your holiday lights. Use a large stepladder that is stable for hanging lights on trees and an extension ladder for hanging lights on your gutter. Safety tip: Never hang lights alone, make sure you have someone to spot you in case of a mishap.
Use holiday light clips when hanging lights – When stringing lights along gutters, trees or your roof line, use plastic clips to hold the strands in place without causing damage. If you are looking for a permanent solution, look for stainless steel hooks that won’t corrode and can be screwed into your wooden eaves.
Lighting the tree – When stringing lights on an evergreen, always begin at the top of the tree and spiral down to the center as you widen with the tree’s shape. For deciduous trees, work your way up from the bottom starting at the base of the trunk move upward in a spiral formation. In addition to your lighting it’s always a good idea to use accent pieces to add depth to the overall effect.
Vary your holiday lighting focal points – Look for different ways to add pizazz. Small wreaths and shrubs placed at different heights on your porch or front steps can add dimension to your overall display.
Christmas Garlands – Garlands can provide an accent trim to gates, pillars and doorways and are available in many different fabrications and colors to match vintage styles to more contemporary styles. Add wreaths to peaks or gables and especially on entrance gates and doors. Match your garland and wreaths to set a holiday theme that will tie everything together and make the perfect backdrop for your Christmas lighting. Continue your Christmas theme from the outside to the inside of your home by continuing your garland and wreath selections. Draping garlands across the fireplace mantle can add a classic Christmas feeling to your living space. Finish with a large wreath on the dining room wall or above your foyer for a spectacular focal point.

Professional Christmas & Holiday Light Hanging Displays in West Houston, Cypress, Katy, Spring Valley Village & Piney Point Village Texas

If you are interested in learning more about holiday lighting, contact the experts at Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting and let our team of experienced, professional decorators install, maintain and take down your lights at your next holiday or special event.

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