Residential & Commercial Glass Cleaning Tips & Window Washing Tricks Without Streaks in Cypress TX

It is no secret that having clean windows is desirable, but more often gets overlooked by more pressing matters. Sometimes windows even get neglected for years, leaving them dingy, filmy, and with more hard water spots than you can count. Cleaning windows inside and outside can be a fairly overwhelming task. Once cleaned, streaks can blemish the shine, sometimes the stubborn water spot simply won’t dissolve or the stubborn grime layer just won’t budge. No matter the situation, clean windows are within reach.

Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting share some tips on getting windows shiny and pristine.

How To Clean Windows Without Streaks

1. If you notice a build up residue left behind from products purchased from department store shelves, we have a recipe that can help cut the filmy residue out. In a spray bottle, combine 2 cups of warm water, ¼ cup of white distilled vinegar and ½ tsp of mild liquid dish soap. Be sure the solution is well mixed.
– If the windows are not layered with buildup, and just need a normal cleaning, combine equal parts water and white distilled vinegar in a squirt bottle, and mix well.
– For windows that appear to have been neglected since installation, use concentrated distilled white vinegar. Microwave it to lukewarm temperature and apply generously to windows.
2. Remove the dirt, dust and debris buildup before cleaning with a soft bristled broom or brush.
3. Squirt mixture on the window frame and sill. Clean the surface with a microfiber cloth.
4. Spray the window top to bottom, and allow it to settle for 30 seconds or so. If needed, reapply. Using a squeegee, clean away film and solution. If you prefer to use a cloth, utilize a microfiber cloth.

Window cleaning can be challenging work. Some may lack the time, physical capability or even the motivation. To get premium clean windows, invest in a routine maintenance plan from a professional. They have the superior equipment, highest quality detergents and the experience and expertise to get windows gleaming and at their shiniest.

Extend Freshly Cleaned Windows

Whether you have invested time and elbow grease, or the aid of a professional, you want to keep the windows cleaner longer. Below are some tips to do just that!
Exterior Windows:
– Avoid setting up the BBQ grill within four feet of windows. The smoke, grease and oils can quickly dirty up your windows.
– Keep bushes and trees pruned and trimmed back to keep the debris from making contact.
– If possible, set the sprinklers away from the windows, and if necessary, manually water the vegetation close to windows to avoid getting water spots.
– Clean windows on cloudy (but not rainy) days when temperatures are not too hot.
Interior Windows:
– Stay clear of placing ambient or perfumed candles that are lit close to windows so the smoke doesn’t haze your windows.
– Clean windows on sunless day, where the sun is either down or clouds are blocking the rays, and temperatures are optimal.
– Keep blinds and curtains cleaned, and periodically dust.

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