How to Remove Black Streaks from Roof Shingles in Katy, TX; Professional Roof Cleaning Services!

Have you ever looked at your roof and noticed black streaks? The black streaks can be quite an eyesore. Regardless of how beautiful your yard and the rest of your home is, you just can’t seem to get past those black streaks glaring at you. Sunburst Window Cleaning & Holiday Lighting wants to go over the causes for the black streaks that seem to appear over time on your roof, and how roof cleaning can help remove them.

What Causes Black Streaks on Roof Shingles?

So let’s start with the first question: “What causes those black streaks on my roof, anyway?” To answer that question, we’ll tell you that it’s an algae called Gloeocapsa magma. Unfortunately you cannot prevent these algae from happening. In the end your best solution is to have your roof cleaned or replaced. But why do some homes seem to have this problem and not others? Well black streaks became a problem about 20 years ago, mostly affecting the Southeast areas of America where there are warm humid climates. You may notice the black streaks or algae is more prominent on the northern side were the roof is darker and wetter. This is ideal for the growth of algae. However climate is not the only thing to blame. About 20 years ago, manufacturers began to use limestone in roof tile. Limestone is a paradise for algae growth. However manufacturers noticed the problem and began to add zinc and copper to inhibit algae growth. However these affects do wear down over time. As the algae begins to grow, it will start off as a blue-green color, the organisms from on the outer coating make this change to protect themselves from the sun rays. Even though the black streaks pose an unsightly problem, they also cause damage to the roof. As the algae grows, it will lock in more moisture in the roof’s tiles. As the algae and funguses grow together, they form lichen. The lichen roots seep deep into the tile and feed on the minerals inside the tile dissolving it over time.

Roof Cleaning to Remove Black Stains Early

Cleaning lichen can be very difficult once the algae and fungus reaches this point. Some may try to scrub it off or dry the lichen out. This is a temporary fix however, as with the first sign of rain, the algae will spark start back to life. Your next option is to have your roof professionally cleaned. Be sure to have your roof checked out for its age and durability before having a roof company come out and wash it. If the lichen has been left unchecked for too long, the power wash can damage the roof’s tile. If the algae has damaged the roof tile you will need to replace your roof. This can be expensive. At the first hint that algae is starting to develop, you’ll want to have your roof cleaned. This is something you don’t want to hesitate with, don’t let your roof go. Keeping the algae in check will help you avoid the expensive cost of having your roof replaced!

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