How to Clean Greasy & Dusty High Ceiling Fans & Blades Without Getting Dust Everywhere in Katy, West Houston TX

There is always something that needs cleaning in your home. It makes life a little easier when you know how often to tackle each job. No matter how often you chose to execute each chore, the job needs to be done well. Keeping your home dust, dirt and debris free, extends the life of everything in your home.

Shine Window Cleaners would like to share a few pointers on how to clean those ceiling fans that are often forgotten.

Ceiling fans collect dust and other containments, even in motion. It is important to clean your ceiling fans to extend their efficiency, and reduce allergies.

Ceiling Fan Blades

– Make sure your fan’s power is off. Before commencing on cleaning, the blades should not be rotating. Cleaning the blades before they are stopped can cause damage, or in rare cases can even cause injury.
– Make sure to clean the blades weekly to reduce build up. Purchasing a specialized pole manufactured for blade dusting is the best investment and makes dusting the blades far more easy. This duster is designed to clean the top, narrow sides, and back all at once.
– For a deeper clean a minimum of once a month, or more regularly as needed, is recommended. A step ladder needs to be safely placed under your fan. Pre-dust each blade. Using a micro-fiber cloth, dampen with water or choice of mild cleaners, wipe done top and bottom of each blade. Repeat with a dry micro-fiber cloth.
– Blades are more fragile than they appear. Avoid bending, breaking, or warping the blades. Applying too much pressure during cleaning can create these issues and damage the fan.
– With a dry cloth, lightly wipe down the motor and pull-chains.
– With a more ambitious attitude, take a compressed air can and blow at the motor to remove interior dust particles.
– Never use abrasive cleaners or toxic cleaning chemicals. These products have been known to discolor or scratch the blades, and ruin the motor.
– Using baby wipes, alcohol, or alkaline base cleaners should also be avoided, as they contain harsh compounds, destroying the finish.
– If you are able to obtain a commercial antistatic dust repellant spray, moisten a micro-fiber cloth and wipe down the blades to reduce dust settling on the blades. If you are unable to locate a commercial spray, make your own. In a spray bottle mix 1 part fabric softener to 4 parts water, and apply as you would the commercial spray.

Cleaning the Light Fixtures

– The power needs to be turned off, and wait until light bulbs are cool to the touch. Once cool, remove all the bulbs.
– Turn the mounting screws counter-clock wise to remove the glass incasing the bulb.
– In warm, soapy water, clean each light shade thoroughly. Rinse and either air dry or towel dry gently.
– Inspect the rubber gasket in each light shade and if needed, replace them. If you don’t have any rubber gaskets, a tightly wound rubber band will suffice.
– Replace the light casings, and ensure the screws are tightly secured by fingers (not too tight so that it will compromise the glass.) Glass won’t rattle when ceiling fan is in operation.
– Replace the bulbs.

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Shine Window Cleaners can take care of your ceiling fans, among our many services, for those without the time, or for those that climbing a ladder can be a dangerous venture. Make sure safety is top priority and hire a professional. Contact Shine Window Cleaners today!

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