How to Clean & Get Hard Water Stains Off Your Glass & Windows in Cypress TX

Most people take time to clean their home and do chores to keep their lawn and garden looking good, but one area that seems to get overlooked often are the windows. The windows of your home offer a way for light to come in and brighten up the inside of your house. It also offers a way for light to come in and help to warm up your house on a cold day. When the windows are dirty all the light that is supposed to come in is stopped by dirt and spots that are not cleaned off. One of the worst offenders when it comes to dirty windows is hard water spots. The water spots come from many different sources including sprinklers, hose water and rain. The hard water is water that has sediments that are naturally found in the water and as the water dissipates the sediment stays behind. This is what leads to the spots occurring in the windows especially the exterior. The problem with hard water on your windows is that it can cause damage that cannot be corrected or repaired except by replacing the window.

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You Can Use Vinegar To Remove Hard Water Spots: This is a great way to remove hard water spots that are on your windows around your home. You want to get a spray bottle and use water mixed with white distilled vinegar. You can adjust the amount of vinegar based on the amount of hard water that you are trying to remove. Spray the solution on the window that you want to treat and let it set. You can spray it again and reapply the solution several times to help break down the hard water. You can also use a washcloth that has been soaked in the same solution to wipe away and lay over a particularly hard to clean area. After you have treated the area you can clean the window like you would any other window.

You can Use Lemon Or Other Citrus To Naturally Remove Hard Water Stains: The interesting fact about using lemon in place of vinegar is that they have the same level of acidic properties. You can use the fresh squeezed lemon in the same fashion that you did the vinegar. Take a water bottle and dilute the lemon with water and use it to spray on the windows that are effected. Wash off the lemon solution and clean the windows as normal once the hard water has been removed.

Call a Professional Window Cleaner: This is the easiest and most effective way to remove hard water spots. A professional window cleaner can much more efficiently that a standard homeowner clean windows and remove hard water spots.

Call Sunburst Window Cleaning and holiday Lighting to remove hard water spots as well as clean your windows in West Houston, Cypress, Katy, Spring Valley Village & Piney Point Village Texas.

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