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Chandeliers are found in most homes. Known for elegance with intricate crafting and graceful lighting. They are a grand centerpiece to any room; creating additional beauty, enhancing your unique style and illuminating a room with refinement. But as with all things found within a home, a chandelier is just as prone to dust and fine cob webs as is anything else, and should be cleaned regularly. The tiny facets and delicate nature of a chandelier can make cleaning an intimidating adventure. If you are a do it yourself kind of person, then today we would like to offer a few tips and methods to getting your chandelier cleaned.

Dry Chandelier Cleaning Method

(For the cautious cleaner wanting to avoid liquid and electricity.)
– Gather your cleaning aides. For this method you will need a ladder that safely reaches your chandelier, two to three microfiber cloths, and Windex or your preferred glass cleaner.
1. Make sure the light is off, and the bulbs have had ample time to cool off.
2. Set up your ladder accordingly to ensure it is safe. You want to be able to reach your chandelier comfortably and safely.
3. Begin from the top of your chandelier and work your way down and inside towards the outer areas in wiping down the surface layer of dust and webs.
4. Spray your choice of glass cleaner onto one of the cloths and clean each glass tulip or glass beads.
5. With the secondary cloth, polish the cleaned glass fixtures.

Wet Chandelier Cleaning Method

(For the rebels who lives on the edge of deep cleaning with liquids close to electricity.)
– Collect your equipment. For this process you will need the following; a ladder that comfortably and safely reaches your target, plastic sandwich bags, rubber bands, preferred chandelier cleaner, and plastic sheet or tarp.
1. Turn off the power switch to your chandelier, and confirm bulbs are cool before you begin.
2. Spread out your sheet or tarp under the chandelier to catch drips.
3. Set the ladder up upon your sheet, under the chandelier. Double-check the safety of your ladder and begin your ascent.
4. Secure a plastic bag around every light bulb and fasten them with the rubber bands. They need to be wrapped tightly.
5. Spray down the entire chandelier with your cleaner thoroughly. Every crevice, nook and cranny should be generously sprayed and wetted down.
6. Allow extensive time for your chandelier to drip dry.
7. Once completely dry, remove your plastic casings.

Clean the Chandelier Piece by Piece Method

(For the OCD in us all, and the most detailed cleaning.)
– Accumulate the following; sturdy ladder that reaches your chandelier, thick blanket, pencil, paper, digital camera, mild dish detergent, very hot water, plastic colander, and a clean, lint free cloth.
1. Turn off lights, and ensure bulbs are cool before you begin.
2. Set up your blanket under the chandelier, to catch any piece that slips through your grasp.
3. Set up your ladder and confirm its stability.
4. It is extremely recommended that you snap several pictures with your digital camera from different angles so you can easily re-assemble if you get confused later on. If pictures are not an option, detailed notes or a sketch with your pencil and paper, is the next best thing.
5. Remove your chandelier piece by piece, lying them carefully out on your blanket.
6. Once all the pieces have been removed, place your fragments into your colander.
7. Rinse them thoroughly and carefully under hot water.
8. Use a small amount of detergent over your pieces.
9. In warm water gently massage the fragments clean.
10. Rinse the pieces under hot water until all signs of soap and suds are removed.
11. Lay out the individual pieces out on your lint free cloth after they have all been rinsed.
12. Allow them to air dry.
13. Polish your pieces, and re-assemble your chandelier.

Additional Chandelier Cleaning Advice

– If you are able, check the manufacturer of your chandelier and get cleaning directions and optimal cleaners specific for your chandelier.
– Vinegar can be used instead of liquid dish soap, but it has to NOT come in contact with any metal or brass components.
– For any metal elements found on your chandelier, picking up the appropriate polish for the metal found on your chandelier for added shine.
– Always dust the surface layer to make cleaning easier.
– For re-assembly of your chandelier, it makes the process easier when you work from the inside out, using the center of your chandelier for a starting point.
– Dust the bulbs after any method to brighten your room with full capacity.

Professional Chandelier Cleaning in West Houston; Cypress, Katy, Spring Valley Village & Piney Point Village TX

Cleaning chandelier can actually be a challenging task for those who are unsteady on ladders, or want the detailed cleaning, but aren’t confident in the ability to put it back together. Don’t let that stand in the way of the desire to have your chandeliers cleaned. An experienced professional from Shine Windows Cleaners can provide a chandelier cleaning service. Your chandeliers will be professionally cleaned, polished and put back into perfect order. Contact us today!

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