Add Screen Cleaning to your Spring Cleaning Checklist in Cypress TX; Have Your Dusty Window Screens Cleaned Today!

Many people have already begun to chip away at their spring cleaning lists; scrubbing floors, wiping down walls, cleaning out closets and all the other big jobs that are on the task list. One item that is often overlooked by many homeowners when it comes to a thorough spring cleaning is having your window screens professionally cleaned. While windows themselves are usually at the top of the spring cleaning list, their screens often go untouched for years. The cleanliness of your window screens can have a great impact on the look of your home, both inside and out. If you do not have window screen cleaning on your spring cleaning list, add it today and contact Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting to get the job done for you.

Clean Window Screens will Improve the Air Quality of your Home

It is spring time and one of the most favorite actions that homeowners love to take this time of year is to open every window in the home and let the nice warm breeze blow through each room. Spring is the perfect time of year when the temperature outside is comfortable. Not too hot and not too cool, making your home feel wonderful and smell great with a fresh spring breeze blowing through. If your window screens are not clean when this breeze is blowing through, then the air quality within your home is not going to be as clean as you would hope it to be. Dust particles and other materials can get stuck in your screen, and then blown into your home, left to float around the air and be inhaled by you and your family.

Clean Window Screens will Make your Windows Last Longer

If the window screens on your windows are rarely cleaned, then they will not last as long as they were intended to, and neither will your windows. The dirtier the screen, the shorter the lifespan. When you fail to clean your window screens regularly, you are exposing your windows to much more than just dirt. Bio-matter, saps and salts get lodged into your screen and these materials can slowly begin to wear down your screen and your windows too. Many people make the mistake of thinking that rainfall is what makes windows the dirtiest, however this is not true. It is when the rain fall hits your screen that is filled with dirt, which in turn, creates mud and sludge that hits and sticks right onto the surface of your window. Contact Sunburst Window Cleaning and Holiday Lighting today to have your windows and window screens cleaned and left looking like new.

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